London Football League 11-a-side Weekend
London Football League 11-a-side Weekend 2020-21
Start DateSeasonMatch DayTypeAvailability
07/11/2020WinterSaturday AMLeague1 Space Left
07/11/2020WinterSaturday PMLeague3 Spaces Left
08/11/2020WinterSundayLeague1 Space Left

We are ONLY recruiting friendly and sporting teams – we want to ensure that this League remains the MOST friendly & sporting ANYWHERE!
  • Fixtures/Results, League tables and team maintenance on our dynamic web site

  • Qualified referees will be appointed for EVERY match. Clubs DON'T have to contact/confirm with referees or pay them on the day – we do all of that for you!

  • Teams can use up to 16 players for each match. 11 players and 5 subs, with unlimited player's registrations.

  • Clubs ONLY need to report referee's marks & opponent's sportsmanship marks after the match using our web site! There are NO forms or result sheets to return!

  • Cups/Awards will be given to winners each season. Unlike other Leagues, you get to KEEP your awards from us…..forever!

  • NO dull, boring meetings to attend – just an end of season presentation night (where trophies are awarded)!

  • London Football competitions are sanctioned by the Amateur Football Alliance (AFA).

  • ALL FIFA Laws of Association Football apply!

    Winter League Fees:
    Ideal for teams who are ready to commit to a long enjoyable winter season.
    Deposit: £250 (One-off payment refundable upon completing the competition).
    Subscription: £100 (One-off payment).
    League Entry Fees: £350 (Annual payment, discounted for early payments).
    Total Payable: £700 (excluding match fees & FA Affiliation/Insurance)
    Group Cup Competition: £0.00 (NO Entry Fee).
    Match Fees: £48 per match, payable by both teams for ALL home & away matches on Wednesday before the match.
    Pitches: Home teams are responsible for booking and paying for their pitches when they play at Home (we can help with this for an admin fee)!
    FA Affiliation/Insurance: Teams may apply directly to their local county FA to get affiliated and insured OR we can help you with this, affiliation and insurance normally cost £130.00 (Annual Payment).
  • Seven divisions. Up to 14 teams in each division (promotion & relegation).

  • Teams will play a minimum of 18 and a maximum of 35 matches (a combination of League and Cup matches).

  • Additional (optional) Cup competitions will be played during the season!

  • Saturday AM & Sunday AM Divisions: 10am & 10:30am kick-offs.

  • Saturday PM & Sunday PM Divisions: 1.30pm & 2pm kick-offs.

  • Qualified Referee fees and ALL League organisation is INCLUDED in ALL Leagues above.


  • Pay the League fees and get your friendly and sporting players together!

  • Buy your kits (with numbers) BLACK KITS ARE NOT ALLOWED (FA Rules)!

  • Register your players (online)!

  • Enjoy your football in the MOST sporting League there is!!!


  • If you have any troublemakers in your team!

  • If you cannot control your players’ frustrations during a match!

  • If you are not used to abiding by simple, straightforward Rules!

  • If you are not well organised and do not know when your players are available which leads to you cancelling matches!

  • Then do not waste your time/money applying because London Football could eject you even after your first match!

      Note: No refunds are given once fees are paid under any circumstances!

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