London Football League 11-a-side Weekend
London Football League 11-a-side Weekend 2019
Start DateSeasonMatch DayTypeAvailability
01/09/2018WinterSaturday AMLeagueFULL
01/09/2018WinterSaturday PMLeagueFULL
07/09/2019WinterSaturday AMLeagueSpaces Available
07/09/2019WinterSaturday PMLeagueSpaces Available
08/09/2019WinterSundayLeagueSpaces Available

We are ONLY recruiting friendly and sporting teams – we want to ensure that this League remains the MOST friendly & sporting ANYWHERE!
  • Fixtures/Results, League tables and team maintenance on our dynamic web site

  • Qualified referees will be appointed for EVERY match. Clubs DON'T have to contact/confirm with referees or pay them on the day – we do all of that for you!

  • Teams can use up to 16 players for each match. 11 players and 5 subs (NO rolling subs) with unlimited player's registrations.

  • Clubs ONLY need to report referee's marks & opponent's sportsmanship marks after the match using our web site! There are NO forms or result sheets to return!

  • Cups/Awards will be given to winners each season. Unlike other Leagues, you get to KEEP your awards from us…..forever!

  • NO dull, boring meetings to attend – just an end of season presentation night (where trophies are awarded)!

  • London Football competitions are sanctioned by the Amateur Football Alliance (AFA) & London Football Association (LFA).

  • ALL FIFA Laws of Association Football apply!

    Winter League Fees:
    Ideal for teams who are ready to commit to a long enjoyable winter season.
    Deposit: £80 (One-off payment refundable upon completing the competition).
    Subscription: £100 (One-off payment).
    League Entry Fees: £310 (Annual payment, discounted for early payments).
    Player Registrations: £32 (Annual payment for registering 16 players. £2 per player).
    Match Fees: £42 per match, payable by both teams for ALL home & away matches on Wednesday before the match.
    FA Affiliation: £130 (Annual payment). 
    Pitches: Home teams are responsible for booking and paying for their pitches when they play at Home (we even can help with this for an admin fee)!
    Total Payable: £652 (excluding match fees)
    PS. Prior to your first match, all teams are required to pay for their final four Match Fees for the season in addition to paying for their first match. This means pre-paying an extra £168 (for £42 match fees) BEFORE your first match. At the end of the season, you will not pay any match fees for your final four League matches. ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE!
  • Seven divisions. Up to 14 teams in each division (promotion & relegation).

  • Teams will play a minimum of 18 and a maximum of 35 matches (a combination of League and Cup matches).

  • Additional (optional) Cup competitions will be played during the season!

  • Saturday AM & Sunday AM Divisions: 10am & 10:30am kick-offs.

  • Saturday PM & Sunday PM Divisions: 1.30pm & 2pm kick-offs.

  • Qualified Referee fees and ALL League organisation is INCLUDED in ALL Leagues above.


  • Pay the League fees and get your friendly and sporting players together!

  • Buy your kits (with numbers) BLACK KITS ARE NOT ALLOWED (FA Rules)!

  • Register your players (online)!

  • Enjoy your football in the MOST sporting League there is!!!


  • If you have any troublemakers in your team!

  • If you cannot control your players’ frustrations during a match!

  • If you are not used to abiding by simple, straightforward Rules!

  • If you are not well organised and do not know when your players are available which leads to you cancelling matches!

  • Then do not waste your time/money applying because London Football could eject you even after your first match!

      Note: No refunds are given once fees are paid under any circumstances!

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